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TBT: Redwood Acres Fair.


While I was searching through my external hard drive I found these throwback Thursday pictures from waayyy back on July 27, 2010 when I went to the Redwood Acres Fair in Eureka, California. I always liked these pictures but I never had a place to put them…until now.


This kid was serious about the Ferris Wheel.



These horses have seen some things…


Just like most Fairs it was colorful, exciting and just a little bit janky.

Places I’ve Been: Catalina Pt. 1

I took a mini-vacation to Catalina Island with my man last week, I didn’t want to come back mostly because not working > working. We spent most of our time in the “big city” of Avalon relaxing, hiking, eating, and dodging golf carts.

This is part 1 of my grand Catalina post.

Catalina Part 1 (2)

Oh hi.

Catalina Part 1 (3)

The view of Avalon from the 6th floor deck of our hotel.

Catalina Part 1 (4)

The Hotel St. Lauren, the curb appeal is crazy but the accommodations are far from plush.

Catalina Part 1 (5)

Night time golf cart watching.

Catalina Part 1 (6)

Probably a reincarnation of Frank Sinatra.

Catalina Part 1 (7)

Golden hour on the hills.

Catalina Part 1 (8)


Catalina Part 1 (9)


Catalina Part 1 (10)


Catalina Part 1 (11)

My sister got married outside this beauty.

Sightseeing: From the Sky

I am very lucky in that my father is a pilot and I have the ability to fly with him pretty much whenever I want. These opportunities to fly give me a perspective that not many other people have, in fact my parents have built a business from it and my mother makes art from it.

These shots were taken to and from my mini-vacation to Catalina (more on that later this week).


Downtown LA looking so fresh.


Mini Carnival.


Rose Hills looking to Mt. Baldy with fresh snow from our winter storm.


A gloomy looking Los Angeles.


Cotton candy clouds.


The West Coast ports have been crazy backed up after a recent shutdown.


Lego blocks of commerce.


Calm day on Catalina.


Avalon looking like a postcard.

(All these photographs were taken by yours truly, no Google image search here)

365 Project (1-7)

That’s it, I’ve done it, I’ve officially started a 365 Photo Challenge. I’ve always wanted to participate in one mostly because I assumed that it would be easy for me because I take so many pictures (but I’ve obviously failed) but this time it’s for real guys.

These pictures are from the last 7 days: March 1 – March 7.


(1/365) My bar cart has turned into an homage to my inner hipster.


(2/365) I took a mini-vacation to Catalina with my man.


(3/365) I hiked up a mountain on Catalina to appreciate the view of Avalon and San Clemente Island.


(4/365) When I fly over the ocean (in a small airplane) I frantically search the water for whales, on March 4th I saw three different sets of whales…it was amazing.


(5/365) Recovered from vacation by relaxing at home and getting things like my Polaroids organized.


(6/365) Spending my lunch breaks enjoying the sunshine and the ladies from A Beautiful Mess.


(7/365) Running around the Ambassador Auditorium taking outfit photos.

Life: Goals.

goals 1goals 2

Oh hi there, remember me? I used to blog consistently but then life got in the way and I went on almost a year hiatus, I’m back now in a new apartment, with not one but two new jobs, a new bf, and new inspiration so prepapre yourself for new diy’s for food, fashion, and life with all kinds of rambly goodness.

I want to start my comeback with some goals for the years, it’s a bit unusual to start New Years resolutions on February 2nd but whatevs…I do what I want.

All of these pictures are moments snapped on my phone all through last year…so now you’re up to date.

goals 3goals 4

Goal 1. Meditate

This is a relatively unusual goal for me because I have never been one to be into meditation and all of that hippy mumbo jumbo (no offense to anyone who practices meditation regularly…I am jaded by my time with the hippies in the Redwoods during college). I am really into the idea of quick meditations because although I am more stable than I was a year ago my life is full of dumb little stressors that really affect my life (I am also a professional at stressing…thanks gramma).

goals 5

Goal 2. Eat Better

I have been a vegetarian for almost 8 years now (more veggie themed posts in the future) and I don’t eat very well…which is actually super easy to do as a veggie. I love sweets, salt, and carbs. I mostly avoid crazy processed foods (except oreos…oops) but I want to get a solid fruit and veggie diet going because graham crackers can’t sustain me forever…..or can they???

goals 6

Goal 3. Wake up earlier

Ugh…writing this down actually hurts my soul because I HATE HATE HATE (times a billion) waking up early…to me it is the worst thing I can I do all day…I will gladly do ANY household, garden, or work chore so long as I don’t have to wake up early to do it. I want to wake up earlier because I feel like my productivity will exponentially increase and I want to get to those weekend yard sales before all the good stuff is gone (aka when I start rolling in).

goals 7

Goal 4. “Do the Blog”

“Do the blog” is actually what I told Siro (man Siri) while I was driving feeling inspired by this actual post (I don’t have a radio while I drive because I drive a “beater” car so I think about stuff). I want to get back into blogging because it is a good way to stay inspired and accountable to myself.

goals 8

Soo that’s that…I’m back with new goals and a new outlook so I hope you keep me accountable bloggy mc bloggerson.

❤ Whitney

Sightseeing: Arcata, CA.

I went back to my little college town a couple weeks ago.



Circus House.


I have loved this abandoned house since I first laid eyes on its deteriorating exterior.


Rare Sunshine.




The Plaza.


Arcata Theater Lounge.


The amount of flyers this pole has seen.




Snapshots: Fantastic Sunday.

I spent yesterday working an event on the Santa Monica Pier, eating Ramen and chocolate chip cookies, and having a movie marathon…it was a fantastic Sunday.


the crack of dawn…literally.




page 1

an empty Santa Monica Pier is a rare sight to behold.

page 2

sights on our cookie dough run.


too perfect.